Free’ist Cake Recipe!

Amazing looking Oat cake sent in by @pops_foodiekitchen!😍 The perfect treat for you and the family using a very simple recipe using just 4 ingredients!

Made with Greek Yogurt, Frozen Raspberries, peanut butter and our very own @freeist_sugar_free Strawberry Jam 🍓

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Free’ist attend ploughing championships as a record attendance is set

The free’ist team would be set to travel to Tullamore, county Offaly, to represent the Free’ist brand once again as a record attendance of 280,000 people is set for a 3 day event!

The undoubted stars of the last day were the O’Donovan brothers, Paul and Gary and large crowds turned up to see them sign autographs and have photographs taken with the Olympians.

2000 more people attended the Ploughing Championships this year than last year and the Free’ist team were gifted with the opportunity to communicate with customers first hand and allow them to sample and/or purchase some of the products. As always, there was a great turnout for the company and customers were very impressed with the extensive range of products!


Fluffy pancakes made using Free’ist Strawberry Jam!

Fluffy pancakes made by of our customers @pops_foodiekitchen using our very own Free’ist Strawberry Jam! They look amazing!

Made using 150g (cooked weight) boiled potatoes mashed with 40ml of almond milk, added into a nutribullet with 1.2 tsp cinnamon and baking powder, drop of vanilla essence and stevia sweetner, 20g vanilla whey, 30g quark and 90g Fitegg Whites, topped with vanilla peanut butter, Choc Shot and Free’ist Strawberry Jam!

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